Friday, October 21, 2011


Today, as you go throughout your day say simple prayers for those who are overseas fighting for your freedom, bringing people to Christ, and those who live overseas and are in the midst of war. Everyone over there is very important. Even if they aren't the richest, the prettiest, the cleanest, etc. God loves them even if you don't! Every one of his children are made beautiful and in his name.

Pray that today you can be fearless with your faith and for those over seas in war filled countries.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fields of Faith- The after effect

Fields of Faith- The after effect

 Tonight, was the yearly Fields of Faith which is where all the churches in the community come
 together and one youth
 group leads worship, and usually they have a special speaker! This year we had Jeffrey Dean.
 You might have heard of
him before.
He travels around the United States and speaks to
 students about making the right choices... Anyway, He is a christian! I didn't know that! He spoke to us
 200 students last night about becoming a christian and sharing your faith with everyone you know! Be fearless!
Over 50 students received Jesus as their savior last night! How amazing! I pray that they will be serious about
 this and didn't just do it to get it over with. Anyways, I didn't get much out of the whole
event but when I got home...
 That's when the greatest of things happened!

    I haven't exactly prayed and talked to got for real in a while... and last night I did. He spoke to me
in ways I never knew he could.
 It was so amazing. 
It's so good to know your God loves you enough to speak to you and make you stronger!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Voice of God!

God seems to speak out in your worst hour. Everything seems so much more real and feels so much more God spoken. When things go wrong, your heart really becomes stronger and you as Christian understand ten times more than you did before your pain and hurt hit. Throughout this process you seem to gain more friends that are more faithful than the ones before. God has his crazy ways of telling us "Hey, Your blessesd!".
    God works with each heart of his every moment of every day! And he makes things work for the better. You have to look up and face it, He is in control... Not your little mind! His love is greater than anything you have or will expierence. If you listen to songs that God has written himself through others there is so much relation... Like God doesn't just show up when you need him but because he loves you, he never leaves you or forsakes you. Your simple life is in his HUGE hands. He holds each person in his hands and he loves them all equal. I struggle to even love all of my friends! I judge people more than I love them. I also rammble as you can tell from my reading this post... Haha!

" Let those who fear the Lord say: His love endures forever!" Psalms 118:4 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Word cannot describe!

We all look at our world everyday with our eyes. We don't think twice about the creator until someone else says something. It should never be that way! We need to look at our world everyday and be thankful for what we do have! He gives us things that a lot of people could never have... And we take those things for granted! Why? Because we are human. We look at something and just expect it to always be there. You could wake up tomorrow and everything you owned would be gone... Just because you took it for granted. Yes, we all get mad... Yes, sometimes we choose to not understand just because we don't want to know we are wrong! 
     Another thing is, God loves us so much! Enough to send his son, his beautiful son to earth so that he could die. Love that big cannot even be touched! Carry your cross to the highest mountain... Stand it up... Make it tall! Show the world that his love will change you. Your heart will never be the same! NEVER! With Christ love you are made new and.... You are you!

A Friend!

Just a few seconds ago I was talking to my friend Sarah! We were speaking of missionaries and how in the Egypt area missionaries and Christians are being killed for their beliefs! This summer I was supposed to go to Ethiopia! It is so close to Egypt and my parents will not let me go, sadly! This makes me think, if I could go would I? Would I sacrifice my life to save others? Jesus was a missionary! He led people to his father! And yet he had to give up his life so that others would be saved! I know that we don't think about it too much just because of who we are! We are humans and we think about ourselves more than the one who put us here. Today, think.... Am I giving up what I want to serve him? Am I living my life in a manner to praise him and bring others to his glory?

Pray for guidance, faith, courage and strength as you travel throughout this week!