Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Voice of God!

God seems to speak out in your worst hour. Everything seems so much more real and feels so much more God spoken. When things go wrong, your heart really becomes stronger and you as Christian understand ten times more than you did before your pain and hurt hit. Throughout this process you seem to gain more friends that are more faithful than the ones before. God has his crazy ways of telling us "Hey, Your blessesd!".
    God works with each heart of his every moment of every day! And he makes things work for the better. You have to look up and face it, He is in control... Not your little mind! His love is greater than anything you have or will expierence. If you listen to songs that God has written himself through others there is so much relation... Like God doesn't just show up when you need him but because he loves you, he never leaves you or forsakes you. Your simple life is in his HUGE hands. He holds each person in his hands and he loves them all equal. I struggle to even love all of my friends! I judge people more than I love them. I also rammble as you can tell from my reading this post... Haha!

" Let those who fear the Lord say: His love endures forever!" Psalms 118:4 

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