Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Friend!

Just a few seconds ago I was talking to my friend Sarah! We were speaking of missionaries and how in the Egypt area missionaries and Christians are being killed for their beliefs! This summer I was supposed to go to Ethiopia! It is so close to Egypt and my parents will not let me go, sadly! This makes me think, if I could go would I? Would I sacrifice my life to save others? Jesus was a missionary! He led people to his father! And yet he had to give up his life so that others would be saved! I know that we don't think about it too much just because of who we are! We are humans and we think about ourselves more than the one who put us here. Today, think.... Am I giving up what I want to serve him? Am I living my life in a manner to praise him and bring others to his glory?

Pray for guidance, faith, courage and strength as you travel throughout this week! 

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