Sunday, October 16, 2011

Word cannot describe!

We all look at our world everyday with our eyes. We don't think twice about the creator until someone else says something. It should never be that way! We need to look at our world everyday and be thankful for what we do have! He gives us things that a lot of people could never have... And we take those things for granted! Why? Because we are human. We look at something and just expect it to always be there. You could wake up tomorrow and everything you owned would be gone... Just because you took it for granted. Yes, we all get mad... Yes, sometimes we choose to not understand just because we don't want to know we are wrong! 
     Another thing is, God loves us so much! Enough to send his son, his beautiful son to earth so that he could die. Love that big cannot even be touched! Carry your cross to the highest mountain... Stand it up... Make it tall! Show the world that his love will change you. Your heart will never be the same! NEVER! With Christ love you are made new and.... You are you!

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