Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fields of Faith- The after effect

Fields of Faith- The after effect

 Tonight, was the yearly Fields of Faith which is where all the churches in the community come
 together and one youth
 group leads worship, and usually they have a special speaker! This year we had Jeffrey Dean.
 You might have heard of
him before.
He travels around the United States and speaks to
 students about making the right choices... Anyway, He is a christian! I didn't know that! He spoke to us
 200 students last night about becoming a christian and sharing your faith with everyone you know! Be fearless!
Over 50 students received Jesus as their savior last night! How amazing! I pray that they will be serious about
 this and didn't just do it to get it over with. Anyways, I didn't get much out of the whole
event but when I got home...
 That's when the greatest of things happened!

    I haven't exactly prayed and talked to got for real in a while... and last night I did. He spoke to me
in ways I never knew he could.
 It was so amazing. 
It's so good to know your God loves you enough to speak to you and make you stronger!

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